Usborne Children's English Picture Book Farmyard Tales 20 Volumes Free Audio

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Product information:

Product information:

Size: 15 * 15cm (small size, also known as pocket picture book)
One book: 8 pages and 12 pages
A total of 20, 15 for story books + 5 for the first experience
15 Usborne farmyard Tales
The Runaway Tractor
The Grumpy Goat
Rusty's Train Ride
Dolly and the Train
Woolly Stops the Train
Market Day
Camping Out
The New Pony
Surprise Visitors
Pig Gets Lost
The Silly Sheepdog
Tractor in Trouble
Barn on Fire
The Snow Storm
The Naughty Sheep
5 Usborne first experiences
Going to the Dentist
Going on a Plane
Going to the Hospital
Going to the Doctor
Going to S



Packing list

A total of 20 books, 15 of which are story books + 5 for the first time experience 


Weight(g): 680.

Package Weight(g): 700.

Package Size(mm):  300*250*200.