Tram Bus Inserting Puzzle Large Blocks of Plastic-Yellow

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Ships From HongKong.Invincible robot, changeable combined, the intellectual development of children's thinking fast. Building blocks based on the characteristics of different ages, according to the design. Development of children's intelligence to help clear the. Summit and use, the development of thinking. The process of assembling blocks of children, to observe the characteristics of various parts, through their own efforts will build its cause whole, can the hand brain coordination capacity training for children and. In the process of selecting assembly, helps to stimulate the thinking, promote brain development. Repeated use, playability. Building block toy play diverse, the myriads of changes the assembly mode, with strong playability and resistance, not easy to make the children bored; and durable, can be repeated disassembly. The development of imagination, guide innovation. Children in addition to the building blocks are assembled into the model setting, can play creativity, using different parts assembling all kinds of their thought model. This process, imagination ability and innovation ability of children will be fully exercise, enhance children's self-confidence and sense of achievement. From the date of birth, committed to the development of educational toys for children to play, in the hope that all the children have a happy childhood. Wish you a happy shopping.