Cat tree-light gray with pentagonal cat litter, Activity Tree

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Cat tree-light gray with pentagonal cat litter

Material: particleboard + flannel,Net weight 13.8kg,

Overall product size: 60*44*148cm,

Board size from bottom to top: bottom plate 60*44cm, two-layer plate 60*44cm, three-layer plate is pentagonal, the length of the five sides is (39.5, 39.5, 18, 18, 31) cm, the diameter of the top round platform It is 35cm.

The dimensions of the pillars (all with hemp rope around the middle) are from bottom to top: the bottom four pillars are 7cm in diameter and 41.5cm in length, the second-tier pillars are 7cm in diameter, and the lengths are (21.5, 25, 25, 50.5) cm, and the three-tier top pillars The diameter is 7cm and the length is 42cm.

The cloth bag cat litter has a diameter of 30cm, a pentagonal cat litter size (39.5, 39.5, 18, 18, 31) cm, and a cat litter height of 28.5cm.

Particleboard thickness: the bottom plate is 25mm, and the remaining particleboard thickness is 12mm.

The product comes with a full English manual.


Pentagonal cat litter
[High-quality material]: The cat tower is covered by P2 particleboard and plush carpet. The soft material provides a more comfortable surface for cats who will use a plush carpet covering. The soft material provides a more comfortable surface for cats who will use the tree.
[Durability and stability]: A sturdy and stable cat tree is a good way to keep your kitten safe while playing. Because of all the jumps and climbs that occur on the cat tree, you want to make sure that the cat tree you get has a stable and strong foundation. The cat tree has taken additional measures to ensure that our cat tree is strong and durable, such as a thickened base and an anti-dumping device.
[Universal Cat Tree]: The cat tree has multiple levels, and each level has a series of interesting structures and activities, providing endless jumping and swooping. Columns with scrapers and sisal wrapping provide multiple scraping opportunities. A small cozy room where you can take a nap and a floating ball toy sweetened the cat tree.
[Designed to meet the nature of your cat]: The entire cat tree has two fully wrapped and durable sisal scrapers, a high-quality scraper, and a carpet around it, which can satisfy the cat's scratching instinct. Help transfer this natural behavior from expensive furniture to these durable, cute scrapers.
[Easy to install]: This cat tree comes with detailed and easy-to-follow instructions, so you can assemble them step by step to create a luxurious house for your cute cat. The engineering structure and compact footprint can achieve the ultimate space efficiency. Never worry about installing too much space anymore! Compare with similar items