4WD Car DIY Climbing Vehicle Kit Electric Mechanical / Solar Power Science Building Toys, Circuits Engineering Gift Toys Car for Kids and Teens. YJ

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This is a four-wheel drive DIY climbing car.

Students can help children learn the mechanical transmission structure of the vehicle model through hands-on assembly practice. Learn how to convert electric energy and solar energy into mechanical energy, so that children can understand that solar energy is a clean new energy.

Learn how to change the chassis height of the vehicle to improve the height of the obstacle. Learn how to change the dislocation of the transmission crankshaft, change the combination, and improve the off-road ability of the vehicle through obstacles.

Through the study and practice, we can systematically and comprehensively grasp the energy conversion and mechanical motion structure principle.

It can be said that a small climbing car can create a future mechanical inventor.

Help to cultivate children's hands-on brain ability and creativity.