Free shipping multi-functional five-hole Magic Magic hanger rotatable folding plastic Wonder Hanger,Hanger Cascading Clothing Hanger, Space-Saving Closet Organizer

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CLOTHES HANGERS: This unique set of organizational hangers is incredibly versatile. Use them to hang a skirt, lightweight coat, dress, shirt, pair of work trousers, casual pants, and more. Add up to 2 garments per slot for even more space-saving.

CLOSET ORGANIZER: These clothing hangers are a great way get your closet organized. Easily find the piece you're looking for with these useful Wonder Hangers. Great for apartment, dorm, and smaller living-space organization!

SPACE SAVING: The Wonder Hanger set functions as a multi-use space saver for your wardrobe. Use it to hang a complete outfit, including your work suit. Hang your clothes from one of these in your garment bag while traveling.

HEAVY-DUTY SLOTS: With 5 convenient slots that keep individual hangers from sliding around and slipping off, each Wonder Hanger can hold up to 9KG. Compatible with wood, metal, and plastic hangers.

INCLUDED: With your order, you'll receive 5/10 white cascading hangers, each with 5 slots. You can place a single hanger in each slot, allowing you to fill the space usually allotted for 1 article of clothing with 5 pieces.


Product size;Length 23.8cm* Width 2.6 cm *0.7 mm thickness.


A product hanger can bear about 9kg.